IRIE VIBES FEST is a Reggae music concert, Art Exhibition Providing Cervical Cancer Awareness and Free Screenings.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create different fun activities and provide screenings at the venues. Thereby reducing the rate of death through Cervical Cancer. Remember, one screening a year keeps the disease away.


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One of Irie Vibes Fest event in Lagos.

Founders & Guests

By the left is Lucia Shimmers, fOUNDER Of Irie Vibes, in the middle Bolaji Alonge, CEO Eyes of a Lagos Boy, and far left is Omotola, irie vibes co-founder.

Live Reggae Band Event

There is no Irie Vibes Fest without Reggae. We live for the Music and lifestyle.


The  importance of the Cervix:

The Cervix is the lower part of the uterus. Some call it the neck of the womb. During childbirth, the cervix widens to allow the baby out. It also allows sperm through to the uterus and allows menstrual fluid out from the uterus.

The cervix is vulnerable to several health conditions, such as chronic inflammation, polyps, dysplasia, and cancer.

Sadly, these health conditions rarely give you signs in the early stages and can be causing havoc to the cervix for up to 15years before invasive Cervical cancer develops. This is why it’s very important to constantly check your cervix at least once a year, by doing a pap smear or the Acetic Acid/HPV test. These tests identify cervical changes before they become cancerous.

Kindly note that cervical changes can be treated, but when they become cancerous it leads to death! Cancer of the Cervix

Cancer of the cervix is one of the leading causes of cancer death among women worldwide: Second only to cancer of the breast. The estimated new cancer cervix cases per year are 500,000 of which 79% occur in the developing countries including Nigeria. Cancer of cervix occupies either the top rank or second among cancers in women in the developing countries, whereas in the affluent countries cancer cervix does not even find a place in the top 5 leading cancers in women. Simply because they have included regular free Screenings in their public health care.

Causes and Risk Factor

· Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection. · Having many sexual partners. · Smoking. · Birth control pills (oral contraceptives) used over the long term. · Engaging in early sexual contact.

Signs and Symptoms of Cervix Cancer

The sufferer may not know of the disease until it's too late. Early warning signs of cervical cancer. may include vaginal bleeding, including bleeding between periods, after sexual intercourse or post- menopausal bleeding; unusual vaginal discharge, which may be watery, pink or foul-smelling; and pelvic pain.


The well-proven way to prevent cervical cancer is to do a test( screening) at least once a year. The Pap test (or Pap smear) and the human papillomavirus (HPV) tests are specific tests used during screenings for cervical cancer. If a pre-cancer is found it can be treated, stopping cervical cancer before it really starts Teenage girls (and boys) can now be vaccinated against human papilloma virus from the age of 13 to under 26. Sexual abstinence, use of barrier protection (condom) are likely to prevent occurrence of cancer of the cervix. Sticking to a faithful partner while not a 100 per cent guarantee, will reduce the chance of developing cancer of the cervix.


Most women treated for precancerous conditions of the cervix have an excellent outcome and their condition won’t develop into cervical cancer. Mild changes to the cervix often return to normal on their own without any treatment. More severe abnormalities are more likely to develop into cervical cancer, especially if they aren’t treated for a long time. It is hard to predict which of these will become invasive cervical cancer, so they are usually treated as soon as they are diagnosed

Treatment options for precancerous changes in the cervix may include:

• loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) or other cone biopsy procedure • cryosurgery • laser surgery • hysterectomy Psychotherapy


Life can be challenging for cancer patients and not the least, breast and cervical cancer sufferers: they will need clinical and religious counselling in holistic approach and family support to see the patient through the illness. Sadly most cases are detected when it’s too late and death is inevitable.


Irie Vibes Concerts

Irie Vibes Concerts



Lucia Ikediashi



Lucia Ikediashi also known as Shimmers, is a staunch advocate for cervical cancer awareness and prevention. Since 2012 , she has used themed events to provide the solution to end death by cervical cancer, which is by annual checks done for free at the event venue.

Lucia is the C.E.O / Creative Producer for Shimmers Services and Founder of Irie Vibes Fest.

Award winner, Best Domestic

Tourism Promoter 2021.

Award Nominee, Top 50 women, Tourism and Travel in Africa.

Both by the prestigious, Travellers Awards and Akwaaba, Initiatives of Ambassador Ikechi Uko.

Connect with her @shimmers_services @lucia_shimmers @irievibes_fest

Omotola Ibeh



Omotola Ibeh is an event consultant, administrator and hospitality manager with over 10 years experience. Omotola has worked with both local and international events/ festival and many more……she studied Economics at Lagos state University. Omotola is the C.E.O of 09:16 Enterprises, an event consultancy firm, and partner of the live saving awareness event Irie Vibes.

She is currently the event officer at Freedom Park Lagos.

Connect with her @0916enterprises @Omotolaibeh

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